Filled with Joy  and Born Again   A short clip from this wonderful testimony  ...  “Then she sat up and began to cry.I walked over to her and sat on the floor and asked her if she had ever committed her life to Christ.   She said no, and I led her in the prayer of salvation. She cried / laughed her way to salvation as she met the Master. What a change came over her countenance.”   Read Full Text Worship  Podcast
God has a miracle and a blessing ready for you at any moment.   It is quite possible that your visit to this web site, could be that moment.  God is no respecter of persons and His word says “if any man is thirsty, let him come unto Me and drink”  It’s that simple.   As you listen to the audio, watch the videos and read the testimonies and articles on this site, I know God will use something to encourage you and bless you today. Allow Him to fill you with His glory and presence today.  The LINKS on the left, will take you to each pages on  The four buttons on the BELOW are seperate sites and are part of the entire network of our Internet Website Ministry, that will greatly bless and encourage you.     Audio & Video Section  :  In the Audio section, there are many audio mp3's and fash players with sermons, worship, and some video clips, etc. We have a 24.7 Video on Demand and Audio Podcast.  This is in addition to the podcasts mentioned above.    We provide all our audio and music and other information on this site for FREE and have a few CD’s for sale, if you feel led to support us this way.  We are touching the lives of over 1,500 first time visitors and about 2,500 return visitors each month and this is increasing all the time.   We pray you will be greatly blessed and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and God bless you.   Gil & Loraine Howard-Browne 
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The Miracle of Linda Gail  This amazing testimony of a lady who had been raised in a satanic coven and had witnessed many bad things. She ran away from home at the age of 12 and lived on the streets. But had recently surrendered her life to Christ.  At one of our revival meetings she got powerfully touched by the powr of God. Because of all the ritualistic abuse and suppressed  emotions, God still had more work to do.   The next night, she cried loudly for about 30 minutes, then the laughter hit her and continued through the rest of the meeting and into the early hours of the morning.   At the next morning meeting, she testified that she had never been allowed to cry or laugh  Read how her parents get saved & the rest of this amazing story ... CLICK HERE.