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Revivals in other Countries
Tonsberg, Norway: Nov 6 -12, 1999 I had the opportunity and privilege to minister in Norway and Sweden. My first stop was "The River" in Tonsberg, Norway which was my second visit. Last year in April, I was the guest speaker at the Easter Conference run by my good friend, Evangelist Rolf Auke. This time, I was to speak from Monday through Sunday at the River Bible Institute graduation and the opening of their new River Church in Tonsberg. I was so blessed to see so many people from last year attending this week of awesome meetings. We had such a powerful time of teaching and the move of the Spirit. The meetings started at 6pm and ended at 10:30 PM most nights. The morning meetings were from 11am to about 2 PM. I was blessed at the hunger and thirst for God. People just couldn't get enough. God showed up at all of the ten meetings there. I have never sung Deuteronomy as much as I did that week. Rolf the pastor, asked me to sing it just about every night (it is not customary to refer to him as Pastor Rolf. Norwegians do not like titles. So I referred to him as Rolf the pastor just for fun.) One night as I sang the song lyrics, "I'm blessed in the city and the country too .... all the blessings of Abraham are mine ...., the owner of the building, came to Rolf and told him the Lord had instructed him to pay my air fare. Praise God for His provision as we simply obey Him. Boras Sweden: Nov 13 -19, 1999 My next revival was in Boras Sweden, my first ever visit to Sweden. The Pastor and his wife, Leo and Gun Hartikainan, came to the Sunday meeting in Toensberg, and we left directly after the meeting. Took the ferry across the Fjord and then drove into Sweden. We arrived at about 3am and had a very few hours sleep before the morning meeting at 10am. I did two meetings each day, Mon. through Wed and all I can say is heaven came down. People came from all over and the place filled every night. The power and the glory of God filled the place. There were a number of salvation's and God showed His love and mercy to many. People got so drunk in the Holy Ghost every meeting. We were blessed to have a young Finnish man Petri, with a great musical talent, do the worship. His keyboard playing ranked among the best I have heard. But what blessed me most was his love for worship and for the river of God. We stepped into heaven during the worship. People were not sure whether to laugh or cry. It was awesome.   Västerås Sweden: Nov 13 -19, 1999 I left Boras, rather sad to say goodbye to friends I had only known for 3 days, yet it seemed like a lifetime. We will be going back in the Fall/Winter for an extended revival in Boras. My next revival was with Pastor Mats Nordén at his church called, Citykyrkan (City Church) in Västerås Sweden. What lovely people. They were so hospitable and treated me really well. God blessed the meetings and touched many people. Thursday through Sunday night was simply not enough. But God moved neverless and many got tremendously blessed. The pastor's wife was so drunk in the Holy Ghost on Sunday night and had to be helped out of the church. She was still in that condition at 3am the next morning. Scandinavian people are really hungry for God. There is a cautious approach to the move of God, but a real hunger and sincerity. I never met anyone who came against God's move. It was simply a wonderful time. I did 21 meetings in 14 days and traveled 3 1/2 days in total. Although jet lagged for about three days, I was never tired in Norway and Sweden, as the presence of the Lord was a great refresher. We will return to Norway and Sweden in the fall and will be in two brand new churches and will do at least a week of meetings in Borås. God is an awesome God and the Holy Spirit is not limited to one group or language. He is truly pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh...... Blessings to all. Gil Howard-Browne
Scandinavian Meetings. 
(Norway & Sweden 1999 & 2000)
Loraine and I were given traditional Norwegian Jersey's - What a blessing
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