“Bringing Times of Refreshing to the Body of Christ”
“Revival in Canada”   
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The 8 meetings we held at Pastor Bud Williams' church, were some of the most relaxed meetings I have ever done. We had about 800 people nightly The Joy of the Lord flowed freely as people responded to the preaching of the word. It was electric and many got touched. We had great altar calls each meeting. The wonderful thing about this church is that they have a membership of over 80 different nationalities from Asian, African, Latin American and of course Canadian and the USA. What a joy to see the Holy Spirit work independently of the barriers that would normally divide. A true taste of heaven where all will be the same. We have been in seven cities in Ontario, Canada. We have conducted revivals in Amhurstburg, Windsor, Exeter, Port Colbourne, Picton, London, Thunder Bay and Toronto. Some of the churches we have been to more than once. We found a great hunger in Canada, for the touch of God. Many have been to Toronto and either been touched there or have been to other revivals.
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