“Bringing Times of Refreshing to the Body of Christ”
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Revivals in other Countries
What a special time of blessing and refreshing we had at Germany for Christ Ministries with Pastor Watson and Erika Klutz. We stayed in an historic village called Bad Berneck, in a house about 250 years old. It was interesting to think that generations of people had lived here before us. Pastor Watson, although born in the USA is from German decent. His wife, Erika was born in Germany but lived in the USA for many years. They felt the call of God to Germany and pioneer a Spirit Filled work there. I met Watson in Toronto, at Evangel Temple in July 97, and he asked me to come to his city, Hof ( pronounced Hoaf as in Loaf ) Hof is about 40 miles from the Checkslovakian border and about 150 miles from Berlin. We were not sure what to expect since it was virgin territory and the added disadvantage of the language. There are only about 6 Pentecostal / Charismatic churches in a radius of about 150 miles and only one is open to the revival. This is an area that needs pioneering. Some villages do not have a single church and many of the folk do not attend church at all, even if there is a church. Well, the German folk were hungry for the touch of God. Our interpreter was Ado Greve, a pastor from the southern part of Germany. He was co-ordinator for Reinhardt Bonke's European Missions for 7 years. What a blessing, he did a great job. Many came each night and got touched. We had about 16, first time conversions ( 25 in total) during the 4 days we were there. We had a number of folks come from East Germany who got mightily touched. These meetings have opened the door for us to return to do extended meetings in Hof and elsewhere.
Revival in Germany 1999