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Revivals in other Countries
Revival in Hong Kong 1996 
I had the priviledge of accompanying my brother Rodney Howard-Browne to the city wide crusade in Hong Kong. What a great time we had. We saw about 4,500 Chinese folk attend nightly. About 1500 in the daytime. Three meetings per day. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SHORT VIDEO. I had the opportunity to preach in three of the afternoon meetings. What a blessing. Many were saved each night, and God touched thousands with the fire of God and the Joy of the Lord. This opened the door for my wife and I to return. So on the way back from the Phillippines, we stopped over in Hong Kong for 10 days and 13 meetings. We were in 7 churches and had a wonderful time ministering to the Chinese folks. What a gracious and loving people they are. They treated us with great respect and took us out for meals, and treated us to some of the finest Chinese food, and I must add, some of the most exotic, I have ever tasted. The meetings were a great blessing. Many of the pastors, did not think they could have a move in their churches. But God was faithful. From little kids to grown adults, to the senior people, the Holy Ghost touched them all with great joy. Many were set free from depression and fear. What a great wave of blessing this revival has brought to the world.