Copyright © 1997 / 2010   All rights Reserved No portion of this site may be copied or transmitted without express written permission from Times of Refreshing Ministries. Web design & Hosting by : From time to time, I get asked what software I use to create this site.  So here are the details if you are interested. I have tried several web page programs and have found Xara Web Designer 6 as the easiest and most intuitive program I have used.  Get a 30 day trial version or purchase it here. You also have the ability to create some outstanding graphics all and with the built in menu creator about 1,000 web templates and other graphics and background options, it makes this program practical and affordable at only $49.00 it’s a no brainer.  If you want to Create professional graphical NavBars and DHTML menus I use Xara Menu Maker,  only $24.99  Click Here Enjoy Gil Howard-Browne Software I Use