Copyright © 1997 / 2010   All rights Reserved No portion of this site may be copied or transmitted without express written permission from Times of Refreshing Ministries. Web design & Hosting by :  Testimony of Marilyn H, High Point, NC  My two sisters and I were raised by our mother after our father divorced her. I was four-years-old at the time. We were trained in the church, for which I am grateful; however, the God that I knew was one to fear if I did not walk a straight and strict pathway. During my teen years, I felt I could never live up to the standards I was taught, so I gave up trying. Through rebellion and ignorance, I married at a very young age to a physically, mentally, and sexually abusive man. Heavy depressions and two failed marriages were the product of my turning from God. I realized my need of Him and returned to serving Him with all my heart. Yet, bondages from the past still lingered and I fell deeply into depression.   I was hospitalized thirty-two times with treatment that lasted up to 37 days. Each time I was hospitalized, God sent someone to minister to me.  On August 11, 1992, while lying in a hospital bed, I asked Jesus to turn my life around. He sent me a good, Christian mate who is a man of God. Yet, depression caused me to enter treatment for 17 days. Numerous medications were tried; none were successful. While hospitalized this time, I learned of Gil Howard-Browne's meeting and was drawn by the report that people would be "slain in Holy laughter." The meeting was being held at Hope Christian Fellowship. I observed 25 to 30 people at a time lying on the floor laughing uncontrollably. I wasn't altogether sure that this was of the Lord, yet I didn't know anyone who could stand a good laugh as much as I could.  I remembered the scripture that promises that if we as humans know how to give good gifts to our children when they ask, how much more does He give us good gifts when we ask Him. I asked the Lord to let me experience this manifestation, if it was of Him. Brother Gil asked those who wanted a touch from God to step out into the aisle. As we stood worshipping, I raised both hands. Brother Gil came by, touched one of my hands, and spoke, "Rivers of joy, FLOW!"  It seemed as if I left this world at this moment. I could see by the Spirit a beautiful, shimmering river.  From this flowing river cascaded the most beautiful beams of light imaginable. The colors were like that which would be seen if a ruby was held up to the light. Tiny droplets of water in hundreds of colors rose from the water. After seeing this vision, I began to realize that I was laughing unlike any way I had laughed before. From the depths of my soul came refreshment as I laughed. My husband attended some of the meetings and received the joy of the Lord. Up until then, I don't think I remember seeing him laugh. We both entered in, and he reported to me of times when I laughed for more than two and one-half hours.   The refreshment to my life through these revival meetings has resulted in no more hospital treatments. I've not taken any more anti-depressants. I've not wanted to take my life. I now have something for which to live. My marriage has been strengthened. The test came one day when my husband and I had entered into argument. As I attempted to leave the house for a while, the Spirit of God spoke to me, "I put you together and I don't want you apart like this, not for even one minute!" Slumping to the couch, I began to cry. My husband, at the other end of the couch, just sat there looking at me. I begged the Lord to allow me to leave.  My husband erupted into Holy laughter; then it bubbled up out of me. We laughed for a great length of time and spent the remainder of the wonderful evening together. We joke from time to time now by threatening to leave, and we break out in laughter once again. I find myself laughing when I have car trouble. I find myself laughing when bills pile up. The needs are met super-naturally. I praise Him and give Him all the glory. There are times in which I laughed, times in which I cried. Regardless of the manifestation, refreshment came. Healing of the abuse I had experienced began to come. Whatever the Lord felt I needed, He did.  I began to be able to experience the love of God. I had never known that love for myself, but God was now loving ME. Today I bask in that love. I will never forget it. He loves me enough to shower His love on me and to heal my past. I thank Him for men of God like Gil who serve Him as a willing vessel. Marilyn H, High Point, NC (Marilyn and her husband now pastor a church in North Carolina and Marilyn has written a book about her testimony.)