The Testimony of Carolyn Lee, Greensboro, North Carolina

In February, 1987, the Spirit of God brought revelation to me about how He desired His Body to enter into worship of Him. He indicated that the Church had only learned how to praise Him. His desire was for us to learn by the Holy Spirit how to enter into the depth of intimacy in worship with Him.

He began to teach me personally how to move from the place of praise into worship. Over the next five years, He lifted me higher and higher by experience. I observed that the same teaching was moving across the Body of Christ. He was calling His whole Church to a higher place.

When revival broke out at my local church in the fall of 1993, I realized that the Spirit of God was breaking up fallow ground in my life. He taught me that this ground was that which had become hardened and dry. Other parts of the ground was that which had never before been tilled. He was planting new seed as well as stimulating growth from previously planted seed.

In January, 1994, Gil Howard-Browne began ministering in Greensboro. I was drawn to these meetings by insatiable hunger because of his emphasis on worship.

Deeper revelation of worship developed within my spirit. Laughter erupted hour after hour. There were times I felt that I was being turned inside out. Yet, I welcomed the work that was being done. I knew I was moving closer and closer to the Lord.

The closer I moved to the Lord, the hungrier I became. This experience seemed compared to a "deep-sea diving" excursion of the Spirit realm.

Hunger and thirst became desperation. This desperation was not based on fear but a hunger that I had never before experienced. I knew that this "journey" would leave me forever changed. And it has.

As the evangelist laid his hands upon my head, I would drift off into the Spirit. One time I saw the glory of the Lord as He approached me. Beams of light rays wafted from His face. Though his facial features were indistinguishable, I knew upon whom I was looking. At the same moment, a billowing waterfall rushed through my spirit. The waters were immense. The billowing lasted for some time and washed over me in a cleansing anointing.

I realized that desperation had led me to this place. I was grateful for that emotion of hunger that caused me to press in deeper. I realized there are avenues of the Spirit yet uncharted that I wished to venture.

When the fire of God visited me, I felt as if I was being completely consumed, yet not. I could only compare it to what I would imagine the burning bush on Mt. Sinai was like. It burned intensely, yet did not burn away. I did not experience any fear; if anything, I wanted the fire to burn anything away that would separate me from His presence.

I drank, I ate, I worshipped, I laughed. I entered in as deeply as He would allow me. I lost all concern for my appearance while pursuing Him.

These experiences have caused me to hunger for daily worship and communion with my Lord. I awaken each day with a renewed search for His will and His pleasure. My hunger for His Word is greater than before. Greater revelation has come as I read with deeper understanding by the Spirit. My prayer language flows readily throughout the day. His presence is so near. Whenever I grieve Him, and distance comes between us, I am quicker now to run to Him for cleansing and renewed fellowship.

He has drawn me into daily worship time with Him. It is most precious to me. I long for His presence like never before. The ministry to which He has called me has deepened. He has opened doors of ministry to me. My church has licensed me and I minister at my church as well as others I am invited to minister at.

My heart has been enlarged by His gentle hand. The love I feel for His children and for the lost is greater than ever. I am now understanding why He imparted the revelation of worship to me in 1987. This revelation has sent me on a spiritual journey that has radically changed my life. The desire that grows within me now is to impart that which He has given to me. By His grace, I will walk through the open doors He ordains.

Carolyn Lee, Greensboro, NC

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