The testimony of Angie Greensboro NC

My marriage of many years had just ended. Both my husband and I had entered the marriage at a very young ages, and we carried wounds from our past as well. I had been very sheltered and rebelled against my parents. He had suffered extreme abuse as a child. The years of unhappiness now came to an end with adultery as its culprit.

After our three children had left home, my husband had been born again. Yet, he backslid and fell into lifestyle of sin, strife and adultery. This sin-filled condition spurned anger and hatred in him. The Holy Spirit dealt with him time and time again, yet he willfully deserted our marriage.

Devastated, I prayed for the Lord to heal our marriage. I soon learned that he had married the woman with whom he was living. Soon after, they were arrested for bigamy. Time and time again, he showed signs of remorse; yet, he would quickly fall back into that lifestyle.

We lost our business which consequently led to the loss of our home and car. I had to struggle to find a place to live and financial means with which to care for myself.

In November of 1993, I attended revival meetings held by Gil Howard-Browne. Locked up in pain and despair, I was unable to respond to the Spirit of God. Yet, I cried for great lengths of time.

While at home one morning in December, the Spirit of God spoke to me that I was "encapsulated with hurt." He further added, "You're looking for a solution to your problems, and you are not looking for Me!" The direction of my life changed at that point and I hurried back to the continuing revival services.

Gil gave an invitation which stated, "If anyone really wants a touch from God, get on down here now." I almost ran down the aisle. The result was that I was totally and completely transformed--as if I had passed from death to life. I felt like a teenager in love. All that mis-directed love I had had for my husband (who did not love me) was directed to Jesus!

My broken heart was completely healed and filled with a love that was wonderful and exciting. I was "slain in the Spirit" for the first time; yet I told my friends that, instead of falling, I was swept off my feet.

The Lord began to teach me by His Spirit to spend time in the Word. As I did, the Word became alive to me.

At another revival meeting held by Gil in Greensboro, I was healed and delivered from the shame and humiliation of the desertion by my husband.

The Lord began to teach me of forgiveness. I saw my husband and his new wife being forgiven and loving Jesus as much as I do. I began to see my life through the eyes of Jesus. He healed my mind of the bombardment of doubt and unbelief. I became enmeshed in Him. I was able to cry out, "Abba, Father."

In retrospect, I know that these experiences were actual encounters with the Holy Spirit. The tears and laughter were simply the doors to those encounters. I was not seeking experiences; I was seeking the precious presence of the Lord.

It was in that presence that the love for the Lord deepened and increased to a love affair--a "magnificent obsession."

by Angie W, Summerfield, NC

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