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The Ministry of Gil & Loraine Howard-Browne I am not into the numbers game, but the purpose of our Internet Ministry is to reach people, and so I monitor visitors carefully and am encouraged by what I see.  This may not seem like a lot of people to you, but when you consider, that the average membership of churches we minister in is less than 100 people.  If we spend a week at each church and each of those member come to the meeting nightly, we have still only ministered to 100 people.  If we did four weeks of meetings each month, we would still only be reaching about 400 people.  So this figure is quite significant.  These are not “hits” to the web site but actual visits.  The number of hits is 10 times more. is getting between 1,500 and 1,600 visitors each month, from the USA,  China, Europe, India, Russian Federation, Canada, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany, France, Ukraine, Romania, Great Britain, Latvia, Australia, Czech Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, Israel, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Spain and many more.   We have over 900 subscribers to our Worship Podcast and for the month of March 2011, we hit over 1,000 Episode hits with a total as of April 14, 2011 over 4266 visits.   We had two great testimonies from India this month, telling us how God has been blessing them through the worship podcast.   Our Blog has seen a major growth as well.    Since we started this blog in May 2010, the number of visitors has jumped from an average of 50 each month to 190 in Jan 2011,  199 in Feb 2011 and 340 for March 2011.   This may not sound like a lot, but web sites take time to build visitors. As the word gets out and more people begin to link to the site, so traffic increases.  We would like to see this grow to several thousands each month.     Our two video sites, and are reaching approximately 300 to 350 visits per month.      Our content is ALWAYS FREE However it costs money to provide this material ie: equipment, hosting costs, development costs, an AMAZING amount of TIME.   We would like to increase our outreach to the nations and provide even more content.  But WE NEED YOUR HELP    If everyone who visited this page sowed a small seed, it would greatly bless our ministry.   Would you consider partnering with us for any amount  $2.00 / $5.00  / $10  / $20  or more each month.   Or you can make a one time contribution.  You can do so via Pay Pal (very secure ) by clicking on the link below.   Thank you so much.   Gil Howard-Browne Your donation/contribution of $5, $10, $ 20 or more via Pay Pal, will help us greatly to continue to provide more free material on this site.
Online Store  You can also assist us by purchasing merchandise from our store. CLICK HERE  2,500 to 3,000 visitors each month. (45,000 to 50,000 hits each month)