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Temba & the Crocodile


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To: "Loraine H-Browne"
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 3:16 AM
Subject: Sunday

Dear Loraine
New Covenant church currently has a mission outreach in Malawi.

What more appropriate lesson for me to have the privilege to use your Themba, Kwesi and the Crocodile to explain to kids how the gospel gets shared with un-reached people that have never heard of Jesus.

At the end of your story I was able to say to the children that they must make sure that they have invited Jesus into their lives and that they don't just call on the name of the Lord when Eaton comes to bite them.

They all prayed the sinners prayer with me (12 ) as a result of your

Lots of love

From: Pastor Carolyn L
To: Times of Refreshing MinistriesSent: Friday, November 22, 2002 10:39 AM

Hello Loraine,

Hello from NC! It's been too long since we've visited, so I thought I'd share our news with you.

One thing I thought you would be blessed by is that, Norma H (you may remember her at the sound table) and one of our teens are going to do puppet ministry to over 800 children. Norma was looking for a storybook for J (the teen) to read as part of the puppet program.  Our daughter-in-law, loaned her several of their 3 boys favorites.

Norma told me she finally picked the one that will best present the Gospel to these children, and it is Temba & the Crocodile. Norma just read them over -- not noticing again who the author was.

When I pointed that out, she was thrilled. [I guess, not having children, she had not read our copy before]

So Temba goes to Africa (probably not for the 1st time), and will minister the power of the Gospel. I was so pleased.

And I hope this blesses you.

Follow Up

----- Original Message -----
From: Pastor Carolyn L
To: Times of Refreshing Ministries.
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 11:20 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks for praying

By the way, we ministered in Ghana, West Africa, for 2 weeks during the holidays. Norma and a teen from our church went with the two of us. They ministered to 1,100 children in puppet ministry. The book one of the puppets was Temba & the Crocodile.

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