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Brand New Instrumental CD

We are excited to announce our brand new Instrumental CD.  

Here are five sample tracks of the total of 13 tracks from our brand new 40 min CD  we have just released, starting with the first track and ending with the last track.             

( To play the sample, please click the play button - arrow  )

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Please note, the sound is only a sample and is in MP3 format so it can stream quickly on the Internet.    The CD is a much higher quality.

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I would like to firstly thank the Lord for His gift of music to me.  I want to also thank my wife, Loraine for her constant encouragement and support of my music ministry and also my son Jeremy and daughter Jilleen and her husband Bryan for their support and encouragement.

At the age of 17, I was filled with the Spirit and shortly after, a young man in our church who was youth leader, shared a prophetic word with me. 

"Whatsoever instrument you put your hand to to bless My Name, I will bless you in it"  

For many years that instrument was the guitar which I used to lead worship in literally hundreds of meetings.  For about 3 years I also played the organ in a church.  However, I have always had a desire to play the piano and over the years I have used every opportunity to sit at a piano and finger cords and try to play. 

But it wasn't until we came to the USA in 1991 to travel full time in revival meetings that the opportunity became a reality.  I would sit at the piano or the keyboard in the church, when everyone had gone home, and just worship God while playing two or three cords.  God by His Spirit, taught me to play and again fulfilled His promise to me 43 years ago.  It's an unconventional style, but it is what God has given me and called me to do.

At one morning meeting back in 1992, I plucked up the courage and began to play at the end of service.  People came and told me they were really blessed with the music I was playing during the altar call.   So I continued to use the keyboard and eventually began to lead worship.

About two years later, in a small church in North Carolina, the pastor asked me to give him a recording of  the music. I had recorded each piece and stored them in my keyboard memory.  I copied them onto a cassette and gave it to the pastor and he began to play it in every service that week.  I had many requests to make the cassette available, and so, about 14 years ago the first instrumental cassette tape called "Rivers of Worship" was released.  We sold and gave away hundreds and people would wear out the tape and purchase a new one.  

We recorded a second one called "Rivers of Worship 2" also on cassette about three years later and both tapes one and two were very popular.   When CD's became the norm, we began to sell a CD and combined both cassettes into a 70 min CD and this has been one of our most popular CD's ever since.  

However, a few months ago, I began to work on a brand new CD and one day while talking to my brother, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, he said he would like to help me and that he would arrange for me to visit "Rain Music Recording Studio" belonging to his worship leader, Nick Coetzee.    Well I did and the new CD which you see on this page is now available for purchase.  


Give someone a gift that will bless them.


The cost is $12.00 plus S&H 

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