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We need help to raise several thousand dollars to fund our ministry. Please Note: This is not a tax deductible item as a real product is involved.   I have put together almost 8 Gigabytes of music, audio preaching and 22 hours of revival worship, preaching and inspirational videos and books that will bless you over and over again.   These will be on a USB drive so you can use them on you laptop/computer or plug the SD card into your phone or tablet.   (If you have an iphone, you can add the audio MP3’s to iTunes.
For $50 or more, I will send you this USB drive containing 22 hours of worship, 10 hours of video teaching/preaching, 2 1/2 hrs of Instrumental music, 3 hours of vocal music including 16 songs that I composed myself.  About $500 value worth of media.   Thank you for your help.   Please use the buttons below to make your purchase.  Allow 5 to 7 days for shipping and handling as each order has to be individually produced, packaged and shipped.  If you would like to give another amount, please email me at with your telephone number and I will call you.
Instrumental Music (2 tracks that are not on my CD’s)
Instrumental -  Rivers of Worship
Music - Sow the Seed and 15 others
Instrumental -  Streams of Peace
Worship Audio - His Awesome Presence
Worship Audio - Lost in His Glory
Worship Audio - Revival worship - 22 hours
Videos-Short Inspirational.   Recorded for
Video-Revival Meetings
Books  “Revival - God’s direction for man’s reception” My soon to be published book on my revival observations from 24 years of traveling and holding over 4,000 meetings in 172 cities across the nation and about 40 international cities. Physical Manifestations, Flesh or Spirit?  “I wrote this book back in 1992 to answer the many questions about the things that were happening in our meetings.   When an Almighty, Omnipotent, Immortal God touches mortal flesh, something is going to happen.  This book explains it and gives scriptural references. 
These Instrumentals of Soft Piano and Strings music, came by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during various revival meetings over the past 20 years. “Rivers of Worship” is from a collection that originally was on three audio cassetts.  I have combined them all in this series.  “Streams of Peace” is my latest Instrumental music also by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.   I am not able to repeat these “songs”.  I can reproduce some parts by memory, but these were recorded live and I added the flute to some of the tracks prior to producing this album of music. 
These are all word based songs that God gave me back in the 80’s.  Every line in each song, with the exception of a few, are scriptures. For eg. The song, Christ is in Me.  
Christ is in me, the hope of Glory  Col. 1:27 the fullness of the Godhead bodily.  Col. 2:9 A partaker of the Nature of God   1 Pet. 1:4 Translated from darkness to light. Col. 1:13
These are five audio clips from five different revival meetings.  I edited them to fit a CD and they are all included in this Media Package. 
These are five prophetic songs of encouragement that came during of between meetings.  As I listened to them after after the meetings, it seemed the Lord was ministring to my spirit through the music that He inspired me to play and sing to those attending the meeting. God is so good and knows what He is doing.    
22 edited clips from various revival meetings across the nation. Since I lead worship in all of my meetings, I have hundreds of recorded hours of worship and I hand picked these that I though would bless people the most.   I have on clip “a trip down memory lane” that was captured on the last night of a two week revival in Petersberg, VA  in 1994.  People worshipped like this every meeting, two meetings each day for two weeks.   Awesome. Many of these are very memorable as God did some intense stuff in these meeetings.  I know they will bless you. 
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Media Bundle   Rivers of Worship Lost  in His Glory “Revival” God’s  Direction for Man’s  Reception